Vage Lore

Long ago, in a distant galaxy, there existed a collection of planetary systems known as the Somma System. At its center was a supermoon that shaded the red dwarf sun, a unique constellation that was known throughout the system due to the rarity of such large supermoons.

Within this system, there was a highly advanced race that had evolved over many millennia from weak organic bodies to powerful organic-mechanical cyborg bodies. These cyborgs were equipped with robust armor and integrated booster jets, significantly enhancing their combat agility. Over the years, a ruling consortium formed, led by their leader fittingly called Dike.

As the consortium’s expansionist efforts and constant wars continued, the demand for new soldiers grew. To meet this demand, the leaders of the consortium regularly held “Blood Games” in gigantic arenas. Besides gladiatorial combat and the popular game of Suuwe, there were many other cruel disciplines designed to let only the strongest fighters survive. This was intended to be an innovative competition to further develop and improve cyborg bodies.

As with many other advanced races, the natural birth rate declined with increasing prosperity, resulting in almost no natural births eventually, stagnating the population growth. Additionally, their significantly altered bodies allowed for near-zero natural mortality, as it reduced the aging process to zero and greatly improved healing for injuries. Thus, a solution was needed, and one of the leading scientists, Jax, developed a method to generate clone bodies.

( Neo-Vageans )
The Clones of Vage

These clone bodies were soulless as they were created from biological mass, supplemented with cyborg components similar to those given to natural newborns. Natural newborns were genetically altered at a suitable age to connect their minds with a network called the “Ether.” This allowed them to remotely control other clone bodies. However, extensive training was required, especially to perfect their parkour skills.

Both natural cyborg bodies and clone bodies were externally indistinguishable, and both could be modified and enhanced based on their purpose and manufacturer. Since there weren't always enough pilots to control these clone bodies, some were controlled by a computer called “BIDI” through the Ether, referred to as “BOT.” These BOTs were a simplified version of the normal clone bodies to avoid confusion and were labeled as such. Of course, these BOTs weren’t nearly as good as clone bodies controlled by pilots.

The Control of Clones

To control a clone body through the Ether, the pilot needed to connect via a data capsule. This established a connection to a selected clone body, and the pilot took control. The pilot would feel everything as if it were their own body and could move it as such. To ensure that clone bodies across the planetary systems had connections, a gigantic relay network of dozens of transmitting and receiving stations was built by the consortium, called "COM."

These gigantic antennas needed to be aligned to establish a connection between the data capsule location where the pilots were and the target destination, such as a planet, spaceship, or space station, for the uplink between the clone body and the pilot to work. For communication, the consortium used a highly advanced protocol language called "NS001".

The consortium also developed teleportation technology to transport clone bodies from production facilities to target planets. The teleportation portals also utilized the Ether and the sending stations to enable teleportation to the desired location. Precise coordinates were required to facilitate accurate teleportation and alignment of sending stations in the vicinity to maintain a stable uplink between the clone body and the pilot.

( Teleporters )

To capture these coordinates, large spaceships with regular fighters and some clone bodies under remote control were sent out. These spaceships were tasked with determining the coordinates and surveying systems to enable precise teleportation, even for planets and objects in motion. Additionally, they were to identify strategic locations for base points to align the antennas more accurately.

There were two types of teleporters: one that could teleport only in one direction through artificial black holes and another that could teleport locally within a close range of a planet in both directions as long as they had energy.

For many centuries, mass production of clone bodies through large production facilities enabled the conquest of dozens of planets and planetary systems. With the increasing power of the consortium, controlling the ever-growing number of planetary systems became more challenging, leading to the formation of two main groups within the consortium: the Alpha Corporation and the Omega Syndicate.

The Hyumans

These two groups played a crucial role in a gigantic war that led to the total collapse of the system. Both groups survived, albeit with extreme losses. They each claimed parts of the galaxy, leading to continuous skirmishes over control of lucrative facilities or planets. This included spaceships and space stations, anything that remained from the time of the consortium. Alongside these two major groups, various small rebel factions also fought for power and influence. The remaining survivors tried to survive, more or less coping with the laws and rules in place at their respective locations.

Over time, modifications to clone bodies were added with additional individual enhancements used mainly by their pilots, as standardization ceased after the end of the consortium. Many production factories for clone bodies were destroyed during the great war, as were many parts of the Ether. Nevertheless, the fierce battle continues for the remnants of what was once the most powerful consortium in the galaxy, in the system of the Red Vage.

Several galaxies and billions of lightyears away, Xandra, the leader of a powerful species with unimaginable tech and weapons is watching the collapse of Vage in near realtime from an observatory post in the hinterlands of the Milky Way. A planet codenamed Earth-II. She, Xandra, leads a most dreaded elite faction called The Hyumans. And they are watching.

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