Vage Studio

Vage Strike features a dynamic editor we call 'Vage Studio' that allows players to create and modify assets. They can choose from a set of pre-designed elements or start with a blank canvas to create worlds in-game. Players can customize and edit maps using an intuitive in-game editor.

( Assets )
Asset Importation Framework.

A robust 3D asset importation framework allows players to seamlessly import custom 3D models into the game. These assets can be tokenized on the blockchain, ensuring ownership, and are stored on IPFS for decentralized access.

This modular approach allows for the creation of unique arenas by combining pre-designed elements, importing external design assets and models, and fostering a dynamic and ever-evolving game environment. Players can modify terrain, place structures, and define objectives, they can also create new in-game assets, such as structures, buffs, or cosmetic items, directly within the game environment, creating unique maps for battles.

( Structure )
Player-Created Worlds.

Vage Strike allows players to create and design their own worlds within certain constraints, and enables the sharing of these player-created worlds with the community.

Integrate resources like minerals, flora, and fauna into the map that players can strategically place and manage. Players can mine resources or cultivate virtual ecosystems.

( Structures )
Customizable Structures

Enable players to build structures, homes, and even entire cities within the game world. Integrate a construction system with various materials and architectural styles.

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