Vage is designed to be the first web3 game that empowers creators, developers and game designers build their own game-within-a-game, without having to worry about the mechanics or technical requirements of building a game. NFT brands can hire a 3D designer to model custom worlds and gaming assets for their NFTs that can be imported into Vage Strike and used to create maps themed with their brand for anyone (or just their community) to play.

( Social )
Vage Social.

Vage Strike is not just a game; it's a living, breathing ecosystem where players are not limited to in-game actions. Engage in decentralized social experiences, initiate or participate in tournaments with real-world rewards, and explore a dynamic metaverse that extends beyond the confines of traditional gaming.

Instead of long wallet addresses, players can identify themselves in the game with a local username tag that can be further minted as an ENS domain (if they elect to) that can be used outside of the Vage game to transact, send and receive tokens and NFTs on-chain like a normal crypto address.

( Tags )


These tags are attached to unique crypto addresses on chain. The tags are further tied to their Real World ID (RWI) with a social login that players are used to, in order to abstract away the mechanics of setting up a web3 wallet.

At the time of profile creation in Vage, a unique wallet address is generated, paired with the username and tied to the player's social account. These tags are attached to unique crypto addresses on chain, and their Real World ID (RWI).

( Collaboration )
Community Collaboration.

Using our curate your network feature, players can build communities permissionlessly. Build custom game maps and take them with you. Vage Strike encourages collaboration among players by enabling players to collaboratively build maps, share assets, and create custom worlds.

This collaborative environment fosters a vibrant and engaged player base, enhancing the social aspect of the gaming experience.

( DAO )
Entertainment DAOs

Introduce unique, limited edition weapons and skins as non-fungible tokens (NFTs). Players can truly own and trade these assets in and out of the game, creating a vibrant marketplace for rare and exclusive items.

Vage Entertainment
Vage Studio
Vage Economy