The Vage Economy

Vage Strike employs a token-based, player-creator economy, where players earn and spend tokens for various in-game activities. This includes purchasing assets, participating in community events, and contributing to the development of the game through content creation.

( eSports )
Web3 eSports.

Vage Strike supports decentralized matches where smart contracts handle prize distribution transparently. This ensures that winners receive their rewards automatically and eliminates the need for centralized intermediaries, providing a fair and trustless environment.

Players can use their servers to host private matches and tournaments, creating exclusive gaming sessions for friends, communities, or esports events. All participants are able to stake tokens in the prize pool trustlessly without revealing their identities. This feature adds a layer of exclusivity and control over the gaming environment.

( Creators )


Vage Strike features an in-game community-generated content marketplace (CGCM), where players and content creators can buy, sell, and trade user-generated content such as maps, worlds, 3D models, weapon, and mods. Creators receive direct compensation through smart contracts, for high-quality game content.

The Vage Marketplace features two primary transaction modes: Direct-to-Player (D2P), involving the purchase of in-game assets directly from the original publisher in the marketplace; and, Player-to-Player (P2P), involving the trading of items by secondary owners and players in the marketplace.

( Pools )
Bounty Pools.

Smart contracts govern the creation and sharing of in-game content. Bounties can be created with a prize pool locked by a contract that can be customized in-game. Bounty owners (BO) can define the rules of participation. For example, Bounty Owners can create a prize pool to reward contributors of high-quality maps, skins, and other assets.

The winners can be decided by implementing a smart contract rule that allows only the holders of a specific Soul-Bound Token (SBT) to participate, thereby eliminating mass manipulation, and creating a decentralized marketplace for user-generated content.

( Deeds )
Map Deeds

Map deeds are designed to unlock a different type of in-game economy for players and creators. Vage Strike is designed to be modular and extensible by maps that can be added by players. Maps can be further minted as NFTs and distributed via land sales by creators and projects, customized to their local specs. Minted maps come with NFT deeds that are stored on the blockchain. Each deed comes with a basic layout that includes walls, specifications and assets for the deed owner, and plots where other players in the game can place buildings and other assets.

( More )
More Features:

Leaderboard System

A mechanism to recognize and reward players based on their skill level by ranking them on a leaderboard

Limited Collectibles

Devs can release limited edition collectible items or characters that can only be purchased using the $VAGE token, creating a sense of exclusivity and rarity.

In-game Events

Utilize smart contracts to trigger dynamic in-game events based on real-world data or player actions.

NFT Integration

Assets can be purchased with supported tokens and the corresponding NFT sent to the unique wallet provisioned for the player's account

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