Vage Strike

Vage Strike is an online multiplayer game that leverages blockchain technology and decentralized systems to empower players with the ability to edit maps and create content in-game. This game combines the excitement of fast-paced arena shooting with a robust, user-friendly platform that encourages player creativity and collaboration. By utilizing Web3 technologies, players can truly own their in-game assets, ensuring a decentralized and secure gaming experience.


Vage Strike features 5 playable game modes which can be further customized through mutators. Along with the cooperative map editor and a demo viewer to playback previously recorded matches. Default gameplay consists of two teams placed within the level which compete against each other to score the most points within the set time limit.

Vage Strike is a sci-fi FPS game integrated with blockchain technology. Beneath the surface lies a nexus of economic and cultural opportunities. The ability to edit maps and create content fuels a decentralized marketplace, turning player creativity into tangible assets. Vage Strike is not just a game; it's a frontier where economic innovation converges with a cultural renaissance, redefining the landscape of gaming.


Our focus is to first build out a sufficiently fun gameplay not distorted by misaligned incentives through premature crypto integration, until we have sufficiently determined what model, based on player feedback and community collaboration, would be adopted for a truly sustainable game economy that does not distract from the entertainment value of the Vage ecosystem.

We believe there should be less emphasis on the “tech” and more focus on the product. Traditional gamers are disillusioned with Web3 games largely because they are often a shill for blockchain technology, rather than actual, valuable products for gamers to enjoy. Most Web3 games have placed tech first, not product. We are building an open-ended game for true freedom and creativity to thrive. Where anybody is free to create and participate in a new economic and creative paradigm enabled by Vage Strike.

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In most games all players are equipped with a pistol and two of their favorite loadout weapons. Furthermore, explosive weapons can be collected in the arena, such as grenades and mines, to bolster their offensive abilities.

Battle Arenas

Vage Strike comes equipped with 7 major arenas, each carefully designed with a specific theme in mind. Players can explore these arenas or further build on them.


Desert. Small duel map with three levels and no teleporters or jumpers. Sunset lighting provided for alt mode and broad daylight in normal mode.


Beware campers on the slanted roofs outside. The statue and divider in the interior atrium provide useful cover from longer- ranged weapons. The foliage can be disabled at mapeffects 1.


Galactic skyscrapers. Simple, but relatively large, layout capable of duel, survivor, or medium FFAs. Bridges cross the exposed center of the map, making long range combat viable.


A mixed bag of every environment crafted to suit spontaneous matches.


Trespass is a clean, postmodern map with single pickups tuned for duel. It has areas that benefit every type of weapon, as well as grenades and mines to utilize.


Military Base. Large, open symmetrical team map suitable for large matches.


Tripartite map with alpha and omega bases at the far corners. The long chasms leave players exposed to rifle fire, while the tight corridors are suitable for ambushes.